Signor Sassi, Riyadh

Faux flower installation and garden

A focal skyscape of flower clouds and natural feeling Mediterranean garden

The brief: To create a focal skyscape of flower clouds for diners to sit beneath and a natural feeling Mediterannean garden for clients to dine within

Adding the finishing touches to the skyskape that forms the focal floral decoration to Signor Sassi

A network of three flower clouds of over 7,500 stems was designed and created to hang within the ceiling skylight that were lit from within, hung with crystal raindrops and blended through deep purples, lilacs creams and whites.  We chose to use a high quantity of delicate blooms to create scale which together with its beauty commands focus from the diners.

The restaurant leads onto an internal courtyard which given light, space and irrigation levels was difficult to plant with natural elements.  We created a faux landscape to mimic a natural garden landscape in shades of lemon, white, lilac, and silver with luscious bougainvillea bowers across the pergola for clients to dine within. A fine dining restaurant with a fine dining landscape was created.