Private Herb Garden

A warm, aromatic and inviting space

A space with an enveloping sensory experience, offering seclusion from the City.

The brief: To create a warm, aromatic and inviting space.  A space that could be used both for entertaining and relaxing that could offer a sensory experience and seclusion from the City. A highly perfumed, bee friendly space with a high proportion of herbal plants for use in dying fabrics and cooking

Loungers were surrounded by raised planters and ground level planting to immerse the guest in the perfumes, textures and colours of the planting scheme

Existing harsh concrete landscaping was removed in favour of a warm hardwood decking and a design was created to incorporate an intimate dining space beneath the span of a large bay tree.  A  sundeck was created enveloped by raised planters in corten steel  filled with a scheme of edible herbs and flowers.

Groups of circular mixed height planters were used as a foil to the structured raised planters and to spill plants onto deck level.