Wedding, Goodwood UK

Private wedding design for Sarah Haywood Weddings

Two classic luxury spaces in two very distinctive colour schemes.

The brief: To create two classic luxury spaces in two very distinctive colour schemes to surprise and delight the 50 guests in attendance; both schemes to envelope the clients with flowers.

Tall displays of red roses framed by bespoke made stands, lined the centre of the banqueting table

The wedding ceremony was created using a peach and cream colour scheme, with flower chairbacks on every guests chair each hung with a mix of naturally dyed silk ribbons. Flowers lined the aisle and surrounded the client on mantles and pedestals as they said their vows.

Guests dined at banqueting tables with copper mirrored table tops to reflect the beauty of the gold flower stands that displayed a loose arrangements of garden and cultivated red roses.  Flower stands were bespoke made to mimic the picture frames of the historic paintings that hung on the walls of the dining room and in themselves acted as frames to the flower arrangements.  Candlelight danced from opulent candlesticks that lined the table and fruits were interspersed through the design to give the feel of a medieval banquet.