AOK Riyadh

Faux landscape design for a stylish, elegant, and inclusive restaurant in Riyadh's Financial District

Three trees, magnolia blooms, and pampas grass installation.

The brief: To create three trees that blend into a ceiling installation of magnolias and a bathroom hung with a suspended pampas grass ceiling

Work commences on carving the tree trunks from individual pieces of hand selected ghost wood

Three trees were carved and sculpted from individual  ghost wood pieces to create three lifelike trees with substantial and interesting trunks that could fit with the restaurant furniture and décor. Magnolia blooms, buds and foliages were individually placed to mimic the natural movement of magnolia trees in bloom.

The pampas grass installation was created by hanging faux grasses from bespoke made ceiling panels designed to be a soft landscape to work in juxtaposition with the imposing granite bathroom island.